AWA Refiners Ltd

7-10 Mead Park
River Way
CM20 2SE
United Kingdom

T: 01279 423743

Where to find us


Established in 1991 and have since continued as one of the leading processors of scrap computers boards, precious metals and high value metals. Offering a high level of customer service and tailor made packages for all customers, AWA offers a complete solution in precious metal refining. Our friendly staff and in house operations ensure that our customers return year in year out. AWA Refiners melt and chemically refine gold, silver and platinum group metals. We also offer a full recycling service for scrap circuit boards, gold memory (RAM), CPU's and Hard drives. AWA Refiners have a department which smelts Tin Alloys; this includes pewters, solders, joints, drosses, pastes, whitemetals and pure tin. We also have a high value metal department which trades in Tungsten, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Nickel, Titanium, Tantalum, Indium and their alloys. A FREE collection service is available for your materials. AWA Refiners Ltd are fully registered with the Environment Agency for all aspects of precious metal refining and also the collection of waste.

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