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Automatic personnel protection for conveyors and other hazardous machinery.

Safetech produces automatic systems to prevent accidents on conveyors and other hazardous machinery. Traditional devices like emergency stop buttons, pull cords and video monitors may not work if the person in danger is unconscious, injured, trapped or buried in material. Safetech protects workers, even if no-one else sees what happens.

Safetech is suitable for use in a wide range of processes, including all recycling applications.

Our latest product is Guardian, designed around state of the art intelligent technology, optimising performance and focusing detection where it's required. A single Guardian system can protect several conveyors, affording considerable cost savings.

Anyone working near the hazardous area wears a detector belt. If someone wearing a belt enters the hazardous area, Guardian will sound an alarm and activate the emergency stop circuit.

We believe that no other system offers comprehensive automatic protection like Safetech.

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