If not plastic, then what?

The world around us is filled with many different materials, including glass, metal, paper and plastic.

The rapid development of consumer markets has led to a strong and growing need for materials that possess advantageous properties, ...

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How can we achieve more transparency in the WEEE sector?

As our reliance on technology becomes more prevalent, so too does our propensity to throw devices away without considering what happens to our once-beloved iPhone or DVD player.

In October, the first ever International E-Waste Day was ...

Don't burn out from work-related stress

Work-related stress has become one of the top reasons for absenteeism across various industries. Eventually mounting pressures in high-risk industries take their toll, and workers just can’t face their jobs.

In 2018, the Health & Safety ...

Meet the plastic pioneers developing a catch-all solution

There are 39 different sets of rules for what can be put in household plastic recycling collections, according to a new analysis by the BBC.

“Of all the things we recycle, plastic is the most complicated,” said science editor David ...

Challenges lie ahead for the waste wood sector

Over the past five years, the waste wood sector has seen unprecedented growth as well as far-reaching changes to legislation, guidance and processes, altering the shape of our industry as we know it.

Over the next 12 months we are ...

Are bioplastics environmentally friendly?

Public outrage against single-use plastic is placing positive pressure on businesses of all types to reconsider their use of plastic products

But the growing desire for greener alternatives to petroleum-based materials is at odds with the ...

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