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Don't turn a blind eye to modern slavery

As a country we are becoming more mindful of the need to recycle our waste.

But are we as informed as we could be in thinking about the people who actually work in the recycling and waste disposal centres? Are we aware that some of the ...

Why the UK appears to be absent when tackling food waste

When it comes to tackling food waste, the UK appears to be absent.

The World Biogas Association’s Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities provides fascinating insight into how some of the world’s most densely ...

What's the problem with plant-based packaging?

As the tide of public opinion turns against single-use plastic, with regulatory changes bound to follow in its wake, there has been rapid rise in the popularity of alternative forms of packaging across the industry.

However, this is more ...

Why it's time to stop the plastic bashing

It seems to have become the norm to deride plastics and condemn them as bad for the environment.

Brought into public focus though Blue Planet II, the issue has gathered pace with the 25 Year Environment Plan and the EU Plastic ...

Serving Ibiza's waste management needs

The city of Ibiza has a population of 50,000 people.

In the summer, waste volumes increases to over three million people either staying or visiting from neighbouring tourist resorts. Approximately 30-35,000 tonnes of residual waste and ...

Scotland's next steps to achieving a circular economy

What does a post-Blue Planet world mean for waste politics?

Last month in Edinburgh, MSPs, policy-makers and industry leaders convened at a Scotland Policy Conference to discuss next steps for waste and the circular economy north of the ...

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