Renewable energy

Behind closed doors: Grundon's Colnbrook facility

Competition in the waste industry is fierce.

At a time of higher-quality demands, a growing public environmental consciousness and increasing landfill gate fees, an excellent service is not only sought after but essential to survive. RWW ...

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Highlights from CIWM's Resourcing the Future conference

Located just a stone’s throw away from Parliament, CIWM’s Resourcing the Future Conference was the perfect spot for industry leaders and major stakeholders to come together to chat and debate the major market trends and policy announcements shaping ...

How meta-mapping and AI can aid the circular economy

From AI in bins to ‘Uberisation’ and meta-mapping, the industrial and commercial waste management sector is awash with hi-tech data innovations.

The waste management and recycling sector as we know it emerged in the early 19th Century ...

Russia's big problem with waste

Russia says it wants to process 80% of its waste by 2030 – a rise from only 4% in 2015.

This ambitious goal will apparently be achieved through the establishment of a separate waste collection system and by building recycling plants in ...

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