Resource efficiency

Why are many scrap metal lines acting below par?

In Britain, metals recycling is big business.

I’ve spoken before about the ancient concept of smelting old metals to produce new – one of the most historic examples of a closed loop model that springs to mind, and an important facet in ...

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Behind closed doors: Grundon's Colnbrook facility

Competition in the waste industry is fierce.

At a time of higher-quality demands, a growing public environmental consciousness and increasing landfill gate fees, an excellent service is not only sought after but essential to survive. RWW ...

Finding the truth behind recycling report data

August is usually considered a slow month for mainstream media.

Despite the heatwave picking up its fair share of column inches, this year the crosshairs of some of the national newspapers were firmly fixed on plastic packaging. The ...

What a hot summer means for UK glass recycling

The UK’s spectacular summer has been dramatically reflected in glass recycling.

Viridor has reported that scorching temperatures have seen Britons quench their thirst and drive quality glass recycling – the company processed 22,000 ...

Don't turn a blind eye to modern slavery

As a country we are becoming more mindful of the need to recycle our waste.

But are we as informed as we could be in thinking about the people who actually work in the recycling and waste disposal centres? Are we aware that some of the ...

Why the UK appears to be absent when tackling food waste

When it comes to tackling food waste, the UK appears to be absent.

The World Biogas Association’s Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities provides fascinating insight into how some of the world’s most densely ...

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