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Rules of engagement

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s boss, Terry A’Hearn, tells Geraldine Faulkner how he intends to make more businesses comply with regulations

Waste zeitgeist

German Association for Waste management president Thomas Obermeier explains how waste went from being seen as a contaminant to a resource, why the UK risks again becoming the dirty man of Europe, and champions the leading role Germany can play in educating China and other countries. Geraldine Faulkner reports

Sea change

Since launching in 2010, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's research and reports on the circular economy have gained in stature and caused people in power to take notice across Europe, at the World Economic Forum and beyond. Geraldine Faulkner speaks to the charity's eponymous founder and its executive officer Jocelyn Blériot

Punching above its weight

Resource Association chief executive Ray Georgeson tells Geraldine Faulkner how the trade body is ‘fighting the corner for reprocessing’ at a time of turbulence and with limited resources of its own, and why the UK government is failing the industry

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