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Somerset kerbside collection contract up for procurement

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has cancelled its waste collections contract with Kier 18 months early due to plans to align collection, disposal and vehicle procurement across the county.

It will now be looking for a new bidder for its ...

Gove announces plans to launch new environmental body

Environment secretary Michael Gove has announced plans to establish a new environmental body following Brexit.

Promising "real bite", Gove said the body would be independent of government with an aim to hold the powerful to account. He ...

Man arrested in Nottingham over waste fires

A 41-year-old has been arrested in relation to a fire on a farm in north Nottinghamshire which contained dumped illegal waste.

No permit existed for the waste to be stored on the farm in Walesby, where the fire burned for over two ...

Millennials least likely age group to recycle

Millennials are the least likely age group to recycle, according to a new research by Serco Environmental Services and Future Thinking.

Just 48% of those aged between 16 and 34 said they recycle all they can, a fall of 8% year on year. ...

Michael Gove admits lack of knowledge on China import ban

Environment secretary Michael Gove has admitted to the Environmental Audit Committee he has no knowledge of the effects that the potential Chinese important ban on plastics and packaging will bring to the UK recycling sector.

Capacity ...

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