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Europe recycles 35% waste in 2010

Austria, Germany and Belgium recycled the largest proportion of municipal waste in Europe in 2010, according to the European Environment Agency.

Waste welcomes sentencing laws

The waste sector has welcomed proposals to tighten up the sentencing laws around environmental crimes such as fly-tipping and breaches of waste permits.

Horsegate: What effect will it have on waste?

The horsemeat scandal has rocked the food industry. Not only has it dented consumer confidence and exposed the risks of ‘the race to the lowest price’, it has also raised questions about the value placed on meat: its production, processing and also its disposal. Has meat really become too cheap? Or ...

Suffolk recycling centre staff trained as lifesavers

Staff at the 11,000 household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) in Suffolk are being provided with lifesaving defibrillators and training as part of a partnership between FCC Environment, Suffolk County Council an d the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Waste sector welcomes ruling in favour of co-mingled recyclates

Major players in the waste industry have applauded Mr Justice Hickinbottom’s ruling in the recent waste collection Judicial Review in which he came down in favour of Defra’s and the Welsh Government’s position that co-mingled recycling collections meet the requirements of the revised European Waste ...

Metals welcomes Act's royal assent

The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) has welcomed news that the Scrap Metal Dealers Act has received royal assent. The Act is designed to regulate the scrap metal dealer’s industry and prevent metal theft.

Events waste roadmap unveiled

This week saw the launch of Zero waste events: a 2020 vision, a new event industry roadmap initiative with the goal of no waste being sent to landfill from UK events by the end of the decade.

Valpak sells Preston facility

Valpak has announced the sale and transfer of control of its Preston-based processing facility and MRF to a newly formed regional waste management business, JWS Lancashire.

Blueprint to set out health & safety solutions

A blueprint addressing the toll of death, injury and ill health in the waste and recycling industry is to be published following a summit earlier this month organised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum.

Tee off with Ryder Cup waste contract opportunity

The UK waste management sector could capitalise on the arrival of the 2014 Ryder Cup in Scotland after Ryder Cup Europe launched its official procurement portal this week with contracts in a number of different categories.

Are recycling figures flat lining?

Further to provisional quarterly estimates for the first quarter of 2012/13 of local authority collected waste generation and management in England, which revealed 43% of household waste was recycled in the 12 months to the end of June 2012, similar to the 2011/12 financial year, concern has been ...

Robust auditing needed in materials recovery facilities

Following the launch of Defra’s 12-week consultation on a draft materials recovery facility (MRF) code of practice and quality action plan for England that intends to increase the quality levels of recyclate, there have been calls from the waste sector for “robust” material sampling, auditing and ...

Food redistribution group is unveiled

Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, charities and other industry bodies have joined forces to explore and support ways to increase the amount of surplus food made available for delivery to those in need, according to the waste and resources action programme (WRAP).

Report warns of resource crunch

Scientists have warned of an imminent resource crunch and have called for governments to “spark a lightweight revolution in the way things are made so the world can keep up with the demand for resources”, according to Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s environment analyst.

UNEP unveils global food waste campaign

Simple actions by consumers and food retailers can dramatically cut the 1.3bn tonnes of food lost or wasted each year and help shape a sustainable future, according to a new global campaign to cut food waste launched this week by the UN Environzament Programme (UNEP), the Food and Agriculture ...

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