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MetalMatters is rolled out in Aberdeenshire

MetalMatters has launched in Scotland with the support of the Scottish Government and funding from Zero Waste Scotland. MetalMatters is a metal packaging industry-led programme designed to increase the capture rate for metal packaging collected for recycling by households.

Waste sector unveils landfill gas industry code of practice

The waste management industry and its trade association, the Environmental Services Association ESA, have launched a new code of practice to help increase landfill gas capture and maximise renewable electricity production at landfill sites.

Wales reduces single use carrier bags

The distribution of single use carrier bags in Wales has been reduced by up to 96% in some retail sectors since the Welsh Government’s 5p carrier bag charge came into force, according to new figures.

MRF gate fees fall, reports WRAP

MRF (materials recycling facility) gate fees have continued to fall, according to WRAP’s annual gate fees report that was published this week.

Waste sector cuts emissions by 64%

The waste industry has cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than any other sector, but could do more with stronger incentives from government according to a new report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

Recovery of rare earths and precious metals from WEEE

With all the coverage of rare earths being strategic to the European economy, as well as their recent high prices, there is considerable focus on whether recovering these resources from recycled materials could represent an economic alternative to sourcing them from China, writes Peter Willis, ...

Calls for evidence on WEEE costs

Concerns have been expressed that producers are paying too much to comply with the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations. BIS asks WEEE compliance schemes for data in response to the concerns.

Calls for evidence on WEEE costs

David Adams of Clarity Environmental looks at concerns that producers are paying too much to comply with the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations.

UK gets beverage carton recycling facility

An agreement has been signed between the Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment (ACE) UK and paper and packaging producer, Sonoco Alcove to establish the UK's only beverage carton reprocessing facility in West Yorkshire.

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