UK 'deeply concerned' about illegal trade of plastic waste in Malaysia

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When will people realise, it is NOT 'illegal' dumping in most cases, but mixed plastic waste that ...

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The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur has said it is “deeply concerned” about the illegal trade of plastic waste.

This follows reports last week that Malaysia will return 3,000 tonnes of contaminated waste to the countries that shipped it to prevent the country from becoming a ‘dumping ground’ for rich nations.

In a statement, the High Commission said: “While we recognise that there is a legitimate export market for plastics - particularly for countries that manufacture new products out of recycled plastic waste, we condemn companies which export unrecyclable plastic waste illegally.”

It reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Malaysian government in tackling the plastic waste problem, which includes sharing the UK’s learnings and collaborating with the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change.

Those found exporting waste illegally can face a two-year jail term or unlimited fine.

The UK government is a signatory to the Basel Convention, which is currently considering an amendment meaning mixed plastic contaminated waste exports would have to be consented to by importing countries.

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When will people realise, it is NOT 'illegal' dumping in most cases, but mixed plastic waste that is being actively subsidised by the UK PERN system. Defra and EA have been 'counting' all this unrecyclable mix of plastics towards the UK's recycling target for years so that we can tick the Green Box. Well the outcome is not very 'Environmental' as it turns out.

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