A drop in the ocean for the fight against plastic

Last month, the second annual Global Recycling Day was held.

Somewhat predictably, several leading brands decided to mark the occasion by announcing a flurry of new recycling initiatives. Being the dogged (and somewhat cynical) ...

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Let's look after ourselves

Wellness is a buzzword which often gets thrown about. From corporate tweets trying to develop a friendly face to teabags and massages, the phrase has now incorporated a new phase of ‘selfcare’ both in and out of the workplace.

Despite ...

The rules of commuting are changing for the better

I started in the waste and resource sector in the 1990s and since then it has evolved significantly, driven by changes in regulatory and policy requirements, the introduction of new technology and swings in the global geo political landscape.

Surplus food must be a regulated resource

In the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy, the unnecessary disposal of food is a priority target in the aim to preserve natural materials, by reusing those already in the food chain.

This is a significant and positive initiative, ...

Wind of change for the WEEE sector

From 2019, WEEE regulations will move to an “open scope”.

This means virtually all electrical and electronic products will need to comply – not just those listed under the 14 WEEE categories. The products now coming into scope include ...

The beginning of the end for plastic politics?

The UK seems to be addicted to plastic.

Every year the country throws away 5m tonnes of the material, choking our ecosystems and causing harm to our planet. Yet despite public outcry, viral social media campaigns, and promises from ...

Brexit isn't all bad, for waste policy at least

News that Brexit will deliver “putrefying stockpiles” of rubbish (rather than piles of extra cash for the NHS) will have had the Daily Mail readers of Tunbridge Wells choking on their Tunnock’s wafers and tea in typical “outrage”.

Leaked ...

Packaging needs a traffic-light system

Though it may be a dangerous subject to start with, I want to focus on the only thing the nation appears to agree on concerning Brexit.

We don’t know how to sort out fact from fiction and feel that politicians have put party politics ...

Defra promised they will listen so it's time to be heard

The start to 2019 has been just as hectic as I suggested in my last blog, even though the Defra consultations have been delayed by a few weeks.

The last two weeks have been particularly full on, with lots of different opportunities to ...

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