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What's in store for the environmental services sector?

Over the next few months guest blogger Rob Edmondson will be exploring a number of industry issues and trends. In his first blog, Rob sets out some of the key issues of the moment and the themes he will be covering.

It’s fair to say ...

Food waste reporting makes business sense

Open disclosure of food waste by major food businesses has obvious sustainability benefits, but taking action can also improve other efficiencies.

A third of global food production is wasted, representing a great inefficiency in terms of ...

Can householders be persuaded to accept pay as you throw?

Earlier this month LARAC re-ignited the debate about pay as you throw (PAYT) when it called for research into how a ‘discretionary direct charging system’ could be implemented in the UK.

LARAC believes that without a complete overhaul of ...

Why is the waste sector pulling its PR punches?

I guess all generations reflect similarly, but as I grow older it strikes me that I joined a sector, and a movement, at the same time as some incredibly wise people. And now we’re all knocking on a bit.

I’m starting to realise that a ...

There are no easy answers to the fight against plastic

With Defra's announcement of a deposit return scheme (DRS) in England and the existing packaging recovery note system subject to a National Audit Office review, there seems to be no end to the raging plastics waste debate.

Plastics ...

We've missed the point about coffee cup recycling

The point about the coffee cups debate is that everyone is missing the point.

Rather than trying to change people’s habits, making changes that will make marginal differences, imposing taxes, or investing in expensive infrastructure and ...

Plastic pledges mount- but how long is their lifecycle?

The government is making big promises on the environment but despite a few glimmers of hope there is concern that May and Gove may be jumping on the bandwagon of fleeting public sentiment.

News that 41 Conservative MPs have given up ...

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