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The sustainability balance for supermarkets

The negative impacts of climate change are widespread, with David Attenborough calling it a ‘catastrophe’, Swedish schoolgirl climate activist Greta Thunberg labelling it an ‘existential crisis’ and calls for rapid action across all industries.

Has Defra been too ambitious?

There’s a lot going on right now with regards to shaping future waste and resources policy. Last

Last month a series of consultations closed on Defra’s Resources and Waste Strategy; extended producer responsibility (EPR), consistency of ...

After the protests is an opportunity for action

Extinction Rebellion’s climate change protests in London and elsewhere have focused attention on an issue that is everyone’s business, including, of course, the waste management industry.

“Around the year 2030, 10 years, 252 days and 10 ...

Collaboration takes the fight to waste criminals

As the independent Noel Report outlined in November 2018, the involvement of organised crime in the waste sector is an increasing problem and many stakeholders agree on the need for a more strategic and collaborative approach in tackling it.

A drop in the ocean for the fight against plastic

Last month, the second annual Global Recycling Day was held.

Somewhat predictably, several leading brands decided to mark the occasion by announcing a flurry of new recycling initiatives. Being the dogged (and somewhat cynical) ...

Let's look after ourselves

Wellness is a buzzword which often gets thrown about. From corporate tweets trying to develop a friendly face to teabags and massages, the phrase has now incorporated a new phase of ‘selfcare’ both in and out of the workplace.

Despite ...

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