Media reporting and the evolving UK resources and waste sector

With the General Election only days away, the media coverage of the debates, issues, and back stories continues to ramp up, you can’t really escape the plethora of well-crafted soundbites, well-planned photoshoots, and the obvious political sparring ...

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How to make heat networks happen in the UK

The benefits of Energy from Waste (EfW) projects go beyond jobs, reduction of greenhouse gases or even supporting local supply chains.

This is because there’s plenty of social, economic and environmental benefits of delivering ...

Scotland's deadline pushback is not a setback

We are in a time of environmental reform. Climate activism is rising, worldwide bans on single-use plastic are appearing, scrutiny over farming emissions is intensifying – but every now and then a reality check hits the deck.

The ...

Tech and teamwork can help stop waste crime

With more and more stories about organised criminals dumping illegal waste on an industrial scale – not only in the UK but worldwide – it’s clear there is a need for waste producers, carriers, brokers and dealers to tackle this together.

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