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The UK needs more infrastructure to support a circular economy

The announcement by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond in the Autumn Budget that some of the income from the proposed tax on single-use plastics would be used to “improve the waste system” alongside wider action to tackle litter and single use plastics, is warmly welcomed.

Environmental issues need passion

It's back to school for our politicians in what will no doubt be a turbulent time given the UK is set to leave the EU in just six months’ time.

How global cities can tackle their food waste

According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, 1.6 billion tonnes of food is lost and wasted globally every year, inflicting severe environmental and socio-economic damages.

Gove has got to stay

There's no wonder Theresa May called for an early break-up of Parliament given the turbulent time across Westminster.

Preparing for the resource revolution

It is only three months ago that a few colleagues and I met with our CEO, David Palmer-Jones, to discuss the complexity of our sector and the possible headaches facing Defra as they grappled with developing their new Resources & Waste Strategy.

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