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Waste Data: Where has all the plastic gone?

Andrew Gadd at Re:Sourcing UK looks at a new methodology for estimating the volumes of commercial & industrial waste that was mentioned in Defra's recently released report entitled 'UK Statistics on Waste - 2010-2012'.

Looking for a hero to lead the UK into the future

Now that another RWM is over, with the less than satisfactory performances by attending politicians, I see there is no comfort to be derived from the Labour conference that took place in Manchester earlier this week.

Eric Pickles steps in again to lend waste a 'helping hand'

ERIC pickles doesn’t give up easily, does he? Despite already having thrown £250m at local authorities to ‘lure’ them back to weekly collections, he feels the time is right to ‘reward’ families with a £5m shopping voucher scheme to incentivise recycling.

Don’t get caught out by renewables deadlines, warns Savills

Although Scottish local authority planning statistics show that the time taken to determine renewable applications has improved, delays in securing grid connections and uncertainty over future funding continue to stall development, warns Nick Green, head of Savills Energy in Scotland.

One step back and two steps encouragingly forward

One of the surprises of the cabinet reshuffle which took place just before RWW went on its summer holidays was waste management’s ‘friend’, Eric Pickles (who espouses a return to blanket weekly waste collections) keeping his place in David Cameron’s cabinet.

Data: Not everybody’s cup of tea, but fundamental to good decision-making

Those who know me won’t be surprised to hear that I am not a details kind of guy. I like the big picture, strategy, vision and the journey; I leave the details up to those with the skills and interests to get me the data I need so I can make better decisions. But at least I appreciate the need for ...

Sowing the seed for Europe’s future growth

Studies show that the planet's population will rise to more than nine billion by the middle of the century. Every day there are 200,000 more people on planet earth who need food, water, fuel, land and infrastructure. The question is where do we see Europe in the future, how will our continent face ...

KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. A lesson to all in recycling?

Who would imagine that the single use carrier bag could arouse such passions, eh? No sooner does WRAP release data on single use bags (see news page) than the RWW inbox erupts with indignant comments from organisations such as the British Retail Consortium.

Championing wealth creation and the circular economy

It is early days to celebrate but with the news that the government has appointed a ‘waste champion’ in Michael Fallon, the minister of state for business and energy, can we look forward to the waste management industry being the “turbo charge” to the UK economy that Barry Gardiner, shadow minister ...

What's in it for Brazil once the World Cup circus moves on?

With everyone in the grip of World Cup fever, including RWW HQ where the RWW team has drawn Brazil in the office sweepstake, we wondered how Brazil is performing in the waste management stakes. How is waste being collected in the host nation? What are its recycling rates like?

Learning recycling lessons from our Welsh friends… again

I have a feeling of deja vu writing this; those clever Welsh folk have done it again. Welsh households have once more produced less waste and recycling. According to the latest statistics, Welsh household recycling rates continue to increase compared to the same time last year and the amount of ...

Green Office Week and 'Frog Jumping Day'...

Did you know it’s Green Office Week? If it had not been for a press release that landed in my inbox, it would have not registered on my radar and I suspect that I am not the only person who was not aware it was taking place.

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