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Where have all the good government ministers gone?

A report published by the European Environmental Bureau on the day this issue of RWW went to press predicted there is a potential to create 750,000 new jobs in ‘advancing resource efficiency in Europe’. It went on to say that through the use of actions like ambitious targets for food waste ...

Cherry-picking litter won't work

We all want to live in a clean environment so let's fight for it, urges Jane Bickerstaffe, director of the Industry Council for Research in packaging and the environment (INCPEN)

Intentions, claims, aspirations, and then there is cold reality

Since we find ourselves in the season of lent, it seems appropriate to look at the reasons behind the inevitable gap between people’s intentions and actions. It can be compared to the difference between someone saying sanctimoniously: “I’ve given up alcohol and snacks for lent” and then indulging ...

The elephant in the newsroom: Marine litter

Having followed the news of flight MH370 in the increasingly forlorn hope that the 239 people on board might still be alive, only for hopes to be dashed now that the ‘right’ debris has been identified in the Southern Indian ocean, I wonder if anyone else spotted the distinct lack of media interest ...

In defence of plastic

Dave Hughes from ESE World springs to the defence of plastic containers and focuses on their longevity and other attributes.

Not change just for the sake of it, but carefully considered change

One of the biggest issues in waste management today is how to improve communications; not only better communications with residents and local authorities but also with politicians and other industry sectors such as the manufacturing industry. After all, how can you supply a service if you don’t ...

The current EfW agenda in the UK is hotting up

Each month, Dr Adam Read, practice director for resource efficiency & waste management @ Ricardo-AEA will discuss the big issues from his point of view, this month he reflects on how the EfW debate is hotting up and what the government’s priorities are …..

Sweeties to incentivise recycling? Is it right?

The release this week of the Eunomia/Serco report on reward schemes which aim to incentivise residents into recycling made Geraldine Faulkner think about how some parents reward children for doing what they should do anyway, whether it’s tidying their room or eating their broccoli.

Power the nation, the role of energy from waste?

I was fortunate enough to be invited to address the Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Society last week, a group of passionate enthusiasts interested in the industrial legacy that we can find across Northamptonshire, from the coal mines, canals and leather industries of the nineteenth ...

Let's hear it for the Tories 'sweating their assets'

Despite its unappealing title, the Conservatives’ recently released report, ‘Sweating our Assets: (Eugh) Productivity and Efficiency Across the UK Economy (Better) makes some excellent points as well as turning a welcome spotlight on to resource efficiency.

What should the waste sector do about its truculent DCLG minister?

At this time of year, publications such as RWW ask industry pundits to gaze into their crystal balls to predict trends for the New Year. So it is rather depressing to start 2014 with our habitual ‘bête noire’ in the Department of Communities and Local Government, namely Eric Pickles, who has begun ...

Happy holidays and DCLG's 'tom-foolery' on weekly collections

As well as putting together his 2-year-old son's Christmas presents, Dr Adam Read, global practice director for Ricardo-AEA’s resource efficiency and waste management practice, has been keeping a close watch on the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) who obviously thought a ...

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