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Clean energy is losing out to the 'Blue Planet' effect

If you can avoid being distracted by the daily headlines on plastic straws, coffee cups and deposit schemes, there are some deeper developments materialising that could have quite significant implications for this industry as it looks to modernise and operate effectively within a new, low-carbon ...

Food waste falls down the political pecking order

While plastic has stolen the media spotlight, it seems as though everyone on both sides of the Channel has forgotten about food waste, which is the subject of aims and promises rather than concrete action.

Why is the waste sector pulling its PR punches?

I guess all generations reflect similarly, but as I grow older it strikes me that I joined a sector, and a movement, at the same time as some incredibly wise people. And now we’re all knocking on a bit.

There are no easy answers to the fight against plastic

With Defra's announcement of a deposit return scheme (DRS) in England and the existing packaging recovery note system subject to a National Audit Office review, there seems to be no end to the raging plastics waste debate.

Where next for Europe's Energy from Waste?

With calorific value, technology efficiency and output volume now considered imperative to the profitability of energy from waste (EfW), European demand for more refined feedstock continues to increase.

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