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Mercury, crime and lost cars top the EU agenda

The EU has ratified the Minamata Convention on Mercury to improve how the dangerous metal is mined, used and disposed of, a project to develop hi-tech solutions to waste crime has issued a report, and the problem of missing end-of-life vehicles has been exposed.

Waste needs to be a safer place to work

More needs to be done to reduce work fatalities and life-changing injuries in the UK waste sector, which has a relatively poor health and safety record, explains Christine Cole, research fellow at Nottingham Trent University.

Why we need to be ready for a circular economy

As we move closer to a circular economy becoming a reality, we need to consider the implications for the waste management industry and its future role – because less waste will require a different infrastructure from what we have now.

Moving away from the image of a dirty and smelly industry

As we journey towards reducing and reusing the rubbish mountain produced from an increasingly consumer driven population; resource management, waste recycling and energy from waste (EfW) have become major growth markets across the UK, and globally, explains Charles Cocklin, team leader waste for ...

Talking dirty

Laura Tainsh, a waste specialist lawyer at Davidson Chalmers, gives her impressions of the ‘Resourcing the Future 2017 Conference – a partnership event by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, Environmental Services Association, Resource Association and Waste and Resources Action ...

50% recycling and beyond: challenges and opportunities

To achieve real progress beyond 50% recycling rates the waste management and recycling industry needs closer collaboration and recognition of shared cross-sector goals and challenges, along with a shared risk and responsibility from producers, packagers, retails, recyclers and reprocessors, ...

Companies should take responsibility for recycling their own mattresses

The rising issue of irresponsible recycling has been hitting landlords, retailers and housing associations where it hurts in recent weeks, with ill-equipped recycling companies abandoning mountains of mattresses and other waste materials and failing to adhere to the proper processes, says Nick ...

How the UK needs to take a giant step in energy from waste

Stephen Wise, associate director, waste technical leader, Environment & Infrastructure, Amec Foster Wheeler, attended the first Global Energy from Waste from Waste Innovation summit in Berlin earlier this month. He argues that while many see energy from waste (EfW) as the simple burning of waste to ...

Navigating the ocean plastics current

It was along the UK coastline in 1998 that Julian Tranter, MD of Kier Environmental Services, first encountered the pollution caused by marine plastic when he was conducting research for a UK utility company. Here, he looks at the dangers presented by the amount of waste plastics in the ocean, the ...

What the party manifestos promise to do with waste

Where do the main political parties stand on waste? In the run-up to this month’s general election, Maxine Perella took a look at the manifestos of the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party in search of answers on issues from EPR to the circular economy

Imagine what the circular economy could do for us

The circular economy, where an increasing number of products are sold as services and the priority is extending product life as much as possible, will be truly disruptive and won’t immediately benefit everyone – but it will be worth it, says Ken Webster, head of innovation at the Ellen MacArthur ...

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