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Where next for Europe's Energy from Waste?

With calorific value, technology efficiency and output volume now considered imperative to the profitability of energy from waste (EfW), European demand for more refined feedstock continues to increase.

Political pledges point to a positive 2018

News headlines of 2017 have been dominated by the increasingly heated debates over controversial political issues, from Brexit to President Trump’s provocative Twitter feed.

Improving the quality of SRF/RDF

The industry must maximise opportunities where RDF and SRF can become a more sustainable fuel source, according to Dr Stephen Wise, waste sector director and waste technical leader at Wood Plc.

Waste is surprisingly relaxed about the UK-EU stalemate

The continuous back and forth between the UK Government and its EU counterparts on the matter of Brexit has left the two sides in a seemingly unbreakable impasse, but many in the waste industry don’t seem too bothered by the implications. Should they be, asks David Burrows

DRS is helping to facilitate a materials value chain that works for all

Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) are very much flavour of the moment. Since the summer months we have heard the Scottish environment secretary Roseanne Cunningham openly come out in favour of a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and cans in Scotland, with a range of organisations are now working ...

The knock-on effects of China's import ban

China’s waste import ban is understandable in terms of its attempt to clean up its materials-handling industries, but what will be the effects on the country, its neighbours and those that are doing the exporting?

Sexism has no place in the waste industry

Seeing the recent interview at the French Open where a male tennis player tried to repeatedly kiss a female reporter, his male colleague failed to stop it and where the studio presenters laughed it off made me think about our own sector.

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