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Taking control

Phil Davidson, senior manager sustainability, Europe & Asia, at HAVI, a specialist in packaging, supply chain and waste management, takes a look at how waste and recycling are shaping the circular economy.

The rise of the recycling watchdog

The rising issue of irresponsible recycling has been hitting landlords, retailers and housing associations where it hurts in recent weeks, with ill-equipped recycling companies abandoning mountains of mattresses and other waste materials and failing to adhere to the proper processes, says Nick ...

Consistency and quality are key to achieving a circular economy

It’s been over a year since the Circular Economy Package was adopted by the European Commission in a bid to support the transition towards a more circular economy in the EU. Mark Greenwood, group health, safety and environment director at DS Smith, puts forward the case for addressing ...

Forget the general election and concentrate on Brexit

What does next month’s general election mean for waste management? Tim Knight, head of energy and sustainability at PLMR, suggests the industry should concentrate on guiding the next Government – on whichever side of the political divide it sits – when it comes to waste policy in relation to Brexit ...

The EU shows it is not all talk and no action

While negotiations on the Circular Economy Package may be finalised soon, the EU has set its claws into a cartel, including UK-based Eco-Bat Technologies, that allegedly conspired to reduce the price of used car batteries. It also took Romania to court for failing to close 68 illegal landfills. ...

Let's tell the public why waste is not rubbish

Much of the public undervalue the waste and recycling services provided to them, while too few young people see resource management as an industry they would like to spend their careers in. Wade Schuetzeberg, executive director, European region at ACN (Europe), explains the need to refresh the ...

Celebrating glass

In the USA, September is Glass Recycling Month. Jane Embury, marketing director at glazing system supplier Wrightstyle, takes a look at the wonders of glass and suggests that we should also have a glass recycling month in the UK.

Stop, hazard ahead!

Each month, Dr Adam Read, practice director for resource efficiency & waste management @ Ricardo Energy & Environment discusses the big issues from his point of view, and this month reflects on the UK waste market, and just how risky it is to be involved with waste sector services, contracts and ...

Chancellor serves up food for thought to waste sector

The Budget contained new landfill tax rates, a consultation on upping fines for fly-tippers and, controversially, plans for higher statutory packaging targets. Meanwhile, an inquiry has been launched into plastic bottle and coffee cup waste, and there are calls for a post-Brexit rethink on UK ...

London can show world how green cities work

Our capital is far from perfect when it comes to recycling, waste prevention and sustainability, but the Mayor’s green ambitions are both laudable and realistic – and if achieved would make us an exemplar for other cities to follow, says Dr Liz Goodwin, chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board

Round and round we go – hop on the resources roundabout!

Each month, Dr Adam Read, practice director for resource efficiency & waste management @ Ricardo Energy & Environment discusses the big issues from his point of view, and this month reflects on the progress being made as the UK transitions towards a circular economy, and what more can be done for ...

Plastic recycling: A trader's perspective

Recycled plastic, by virtue of its non-standardised nature, is usually difficult to buy and sell internationally due to the many uncertainties surrounding any given consignment, reports John Hartley of Ecosky UK.

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