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Both parties prepare for a long-drawn-out Brexit

Some important steps have been taken to prepare for Brexit, while the UK has to decide whether it will continue to be part of Europol - which recently solved a €1.2 million metal-theft case - following its eventual separation from the EU. Lydia Heida reports on these and other key developments

Learning lessons and looking to the future

Steve Lee, the outgoing chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, reflects on his time in the role, looks to the future challenges and opportunities facing the industry and sets out some of the CIWM’s current projects, from the circular economy to waste crime and beyond

More EPR seems certain but some kinks need ironing out

Extended producer responsibility is gaining traction as a potential force for good, with examples such as the Somerset Waste Partnership/M&S scheme showing how the private and public sectors can make it work, while the Health & Safety Executive is reviewing legislation on plant and equipment ...

Recycling contamination - problem or symptom?

Each month, Dr Adam Read, practice director for resource efficiency & waste management @ Ricardo Energy & Environment discusses the big issues from his point of view, and this month considers the growing concern about recycling quality and where the sector might be heading in terms of future ...

Making best use of conferences and seminars

With 2016's conference and seminar season getting underway, Dr Stephen Wise, associate director, environment & infrastructure Europe at Amec Foster Wheeler, gives advice as to how visitors should make the most of these industry events.

Quality, quality, quality

Robin Stevenson, managing director, non-hazardous waste, William Tracey Group, discusses the need to focus on quality throughout the materials recycling process.

Maximising the value of waste

Recent reports that the percentage of rejected recycling is at its highest since 2011 is testament to the fact that the industry is broken. What is needed is a sustainable waste strategy that balances and aligns environmental imperatives with hard, economic realities, argues FCC Environment Group ...

May's overhaul raises some eyebrows - and questions

The new PM did not take long to ditch the DECC and replace key ministers, putting Greg Clark in charge of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, giving Andrea Leadsom the environment remit and redeploying Rory Stewart. Only the first of these personnel moves is encouraging, ...

A sustainable economy requires political will

Eunomia Research & Consulting chairman Dominic Hogg looks at the implications of Britain’s eventual exit from the EU for the evolution of the circular economy, the role of Defra (and brave ministers) in developing effective legislation – particularly around household waste – and why consumers and ...

Down to earth and back to business

The storm around Brexit is calming down, but the ongoing regrouping of political forces in the UK is leading to an impasse in its relations with the EU. However, some shifts are taking place and major improvements to EU waste and recycling legislation are on their way. Lydia Heida reports

How renewable materials in packaging can help create a circular economy

The concept of a circular economy, in which materials are efficiently and responsibly used throughout their life-cycle, is now widely accepted. It provides consumers, industries and society as a whole with a way forward for making sustainable decisions, says Mandy Kelly, senior recycling manager, ...

Time to take plastics recycling to greater heights?

Stuart Foster, CEO, RECOUP, expresses concern that the activities and actions (or lack of them) in 2016 will potentially shape the next decade or more for the UK plastic recycling opportunity. From uncertain post Brexit impacts on markets and legislation, company acquisitions and reprocessor ...

Let's raise a glass to glass

Adrian Convery, business development manager, from waste management specialists, CDEnviro looks at the importance of glass in our everyday lives and the part it plays in our developing circular economy.

Deal or no deal: Metal theft

We should all be familiar with the success achieved in tackling metal theft from early 2012 and how difficult it was to persuade large sections of the scrap metal industry to self-regulate, writes Robin Edwards.

The sweet and sour taste of coffee

For a brief period in the early 1980s I attended a boarding school - I didn't like it. Of the many misdemeanours that would result in me giving up my weekend to wash trees or some other equally pointless activity, a rule about ‘eating in the street’ comes to mind. It must have been one of the ones ...

Amid Brexit shock we need unity and engagement

Following the surprise decision of the UK electorate to largely vote in favour of leaving the European Union, it seems that everything is in limbo. Amid such uncertainty and divisiveness, the best thing that the waste management industry can do is collaborate and (try to) be positive, writes Maxine ...

Broken promises, broken dreams and a bleak future

As shock waves fade over the British vote to leave the EU, the stunning implications of it are becoming clearer. For many years, the UK will be engaged in negotiations about trade treaties with the EU and other countries while its influence within the union may be diminished, writes Lydia Heida

UK industry must be positive post-Brexit

With the decision to leave the European Union made, what will the future of the resource industry look like, asks Andrew Bird, chair of the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee, who suggests the UK keeps the best bits of EU legislation, systems and proposals and rethinks the not-so-good ones

More must still be done on the Food Waste Recycling Action Plan

Earlier this month, WRAP launched England’s first action plan to increase the quantity and quality of both domestic and commercial food waste recycling. Developed in association with local authorities, collectors, waste treatment operators and trade bodies from across the country, The Food Waste ...

First small steps towards a greener and brighter future

The carbon savings have already begun. Gradually, as it dawns on the movers and shakers in the environmental world that change can begin at home, so the daily flights to Brussels lessen, writes Neil Grundon, deputy chairman, Grundon Waste Management.

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