Is it time we took control of our own waste removal?

Written by: James Scarlett | Published:
Managing director of Yes Waste James Scarlett

Managing director of waste removal firm Yes Waste James Scarlett looks at the benefits of using a waste removal service.

It’s estimated that at least 50% of the rubbish we throw away in the UK can be reused or recycled. Isn’t that a staggering thought? But finding time to upcycle or recycle can be difficult when we all lead such busy lives. The idea of spending your well earned weekend going to the local tip isn’t worth thinking about.

Sometimes the weekly rubbish collection isn’t enough. In the UK we produce enough rubbish to fill the Albert Hall in just two hours- a lot of the waste we throw away that could be reused and recycled.

Whatever size or type of property you need waste clearing from, waste removal services take the hassle of trying to remove the waste yourself, or finding somewhere suitable to store a skip. The better waste removal services will offer more than turning up and waiting for you to load your waste into a van or skip, they will help you to lift your rubbish onto the van. At times when you need your rubbish gone in one day, this can be a time saving option as it means you can concentrate on the job at hand.

Waste removal services will, more than likely, offer to recycle items where possible. For example, of all the electronic equipment that is thrown away in the UK, 25% could be reused and is still functioning. Knowing where to begin with these tasks can be difficult and what to do with an old television that still works could have a home elsewhere.

Countries like Sweden have been experts at recycling for over 30 years. If you buy a plastic bottle in a shop you pay an extra 13c and you get the money back when you return it for recycling. This behaviour is built into their culture, but in Britain we have a little way to go as recycling for us is still relatively new. So where do we start? Let’s start by ensuring that waste is removed responsibly and ethically and a waste removal service is one option. But what are the benefits?


From a refurbishment to a shop fit out and everything in between, hiring one of these services means your waste is removed as quickly as you need it to be. Often in urban or town centres you have a location with limited access that requires parking permits, strict council regulations or little to no space. These services can eliminate such problems and avoid unnecessary hassles as well as providing a convenient, efficient rubbish removal option.

Saves time

Many projects, particularly shop fit-outs, can have substantial time pressures. Whether you’re taking time out to apply for the necessary permits or wait for the delivery of a skip; these things can slow down the time taken on a project but waste removal services can speed this up. A lending hand can also be offered from a trained workforce, so your rubbish can be gone in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. Considering we generate 3% more waste each year, we might all need a little extra help from time to time.

Cost saving

Permits for skips, parking fees and any other fees your local council may charge are added costs to your project. With waste removal services, your rubbish can be gone without these extra costs tallying up, keeping your site clear and tidy to help you focus on the project at hand.


Most companies don’t have enough time to properly train staff to dispose of certain items properly. Realistically though, it’s not part of what your company does and there are other jobs that understandable take priority of this. Hazardous items do need to be disposed of properly. For example, we dispose of over two million television sets each year and as they are now classed as Hazardous Waste, they can no longer go to landfill. Using a service can take the pressure off disposing of such waste correctly.

So with one hundred million tonnes of waste produced every year in the UK that needs collecting, it makes sense that we may need more than one way to dispose of our waste.

In a world where everyone is now trying to do their bit to help the environment, using a waste removal service can help to make your life a little easier, and one less thing you need to worry about.

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