"Recycling & Waste World has set the standard against which other recycling journals have been measured for over 20 years. We advertise regularly in it because it reflects, promotes and informs our industry and is respected and read by the greater majority of our UK customers and partners"
Neil Clarke, managing director, Recycling UK

Recycling & Waste World has vast experience in publishing articles that both captivate and inspire the reader. Furthermore, the brand is trusted and respected throughout the recycling and waste management industries, ensuring that our advertisers receive exposure to dedicated and responsive readers who are fully engaged. ensures that its advertisers convey their own message to their key target audience. From procurers of machinery in local authorities and waste management companies through to consultants for anaerobic digestion, provides a proven, trusted platform on which to advertise.

With over 20 years standing in the sector, Recycling & Waste World is able to reach a vast audience of pre-qualified readers. Recycling & Waste World is distributed weekly throughout the UK to organisations, institutions, local authorities and individuals who have a professional interest in recycling and waste, its applications and capabilities.

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