Recycled polymers reduce carbon footprint by 88%, says new Axion study

Written by: Jo Gallacher | Published:
Axion's latest calculations show recycled plastics offer big carbon savings

Recycled polymers have up to 88% lower carbon footprint than oil-based virgin plastics, according to the latest research by Axion Polymers.

The Axion team calculated that using just one tonne of Axpoly ABS instead of virgin material to make goods could save 3,380 kgs of CO2, which is the equivalent to a 40ft lorry transporting the material 2,272 miles.

Axion Polymers produces three types of recycled polymer from its advanced re-processing plants for Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) derived from End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and WEEE.

The Axpoly polymers can be used as a direct replacement for virgin polymer, or combined with virgin polymers to produce a high-grade polymer with recycled content that can be used in demanding applications.

Director Keith Freegard said: "Using a carbon footprint metric is a really good way of tracking if your process is an efficient conversion of waste into finished product.

"We’ve already heard from some customers who are excited about having a new updated number on the savings that accrue to them."

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