Spanish contractor Adeje-Limpio-ASCAN buy eleven new collection vehicles

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The Adeje Limpio fleet

Spanish environmental services contractor ASCAN, which is part of Grupo SADISA S.L., has purchased 11 new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba Spain.

The units are being operated by ASCAN at the Adeje Limpio (ASCAN-TORRABONAF U.T.E. ADEJE) facility, for the collection of non-recyclable waste produced across the municipality of Adeje, on the island of Tenerife.

Costa Adeje is a thriving tourist area of Tenerife. The municipality´s population can increase to between 100,000-110,000 people from tourism dependent on the month of the year.

Adeje Limpio-ASCAN collect 130 tonnes of waste daily, with approximately 70% of the waste produced from tourism, while the remaining 30% is produced by residential properties.

Waste is collected across Adeje six days a week, with the exeption of one waste collection vehicle which only collects waste in bags and containers from Adeje’s pavements on Sunday mornings in tourist areas. Monday is the busiest day of the week because waste collection crews collect 260 tonnes from the joint collection of Sunday’s and Monday’s waste.

To maintain a high standard waste collection service across Adeje, ASCAN purchased the eleven new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba Spain. The order included the purchase of one N2 Series 12L25 unit of 12 cubic metres capacity, mounted onto a Volvo FL240 4x2 Euro 6 chassis of 14 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW).

It was ordered with a low height body to allow easy access to hotels with a low ceiling height, so that their waste could be collected without problems. Two N2 Series 14H25 units of 15 cubic metres capacity were also purchased, mounted onto a Volvo FL280 4x2 Euro 6 chassis of 18 tonnes GVW. Seven N3 Series 22H25 units of 22 cubic metres capacity were also bought and mounted onto Volvo FE320 6x2 rear steer Euro 6 26 tonne GVW chassis.

All ten of the new Geesinknorba N Series units are fitted with the company´s L200 series barlift, which comprises of trunnion arms and a comb bar which can empty containers of DIN 30700 and DIN 30740 specifications.

The new units also feature Geesinknorba´s ´Smartpack´system using the minimum amount of power from the vehicle´s pump to operate the compaction and bin lifting equipment, thus reducing fuel consumption.

The new Volvo chassis feature ZF automatic transmissions which eases driver fatigue in the start and stop operation of waste collection.

Adeje Limpio-ASCAN also purchased one Rossi Qube satellite unit of 5.5. metres capacity mounted onto a Nissan Cabstar NT40035.12 3.5 tonne chassis. The unit is fitted with trunnion and comb bin lifting equipment which can empty containers of DIN 30700 and DIN 30740 specifications. This unit was specifically purchased for the collection of waste in narrow streets.

Built on reputation

Adeje Limpio-ASCAN chose to purchase the eleven new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba Spain because they were good value. Their previous experience operating Geesinknorba waste collection vehicles on other waste collection contracts across Spain also inclined them to use Geesinknorba again. Other deciding factors were Geesinknorba´s second to none spare parts and back up service, the quality of the product, and, finally, whole life costs swayed the order Geesinknorba´s way.

All the new vehicles are fitted with Geographical Positioning Systems (GPS). Adeje Limpio-ASCAN can use this software to see where a vehicle is on the collection route as well as the streets a vehicle has serviced. The software provides the information to Adeje Limpio-ASCAN’S office in real time for staff to review.

Adeje Limpio employs 170 staff to provide Adeje with a waste collection and street cleaning service. The staff are split 50/50 to provide these. The waste collection crews manning the new vehicles need a crew of a driver and two operatives. The operatives place full 120, 240 and 800 litre wheeled containers onto the L200 bin lift for them to be emptied. 90% of containers used across Adeje are of 800 litres capacity whilst 10% are of 120 and 240 litre capacities.

Full waste containers awaiting emptying at hotels are stored in their internal bin rooms. Containers vary in size from 120, 240 and 800 litres capacities. Waste from residents’ properties is collected in plastic sacks, door to door, where residents’ don´t have access to a shared waste collection point. Some residents even have a small cupboard for the storage of their plastic bags containing their waste.

Communal points

Finally, 120, 240 and 800 litre type containers are positioned in internal communal points. Some of these communal points are locked and the crew have to unlock them to gain access.

In the outlying areas of Adeje, there are some external communal points where 800 litre containers are placed for tourists’ and residents´ waste. A steer bar is placed over the containers to prevent them being blown away from the collection point. Operatives lift the steel bar to empty the containers then reverse the procedure when returning the container. Excess waste placed next to full waste containers at hotels and at residents’ communal collection points is also collected by Adeje Limpio ASCAN’S collection crews.

The waste collection service across Adeje commences at 1am six days of the week with an official finishing time of 7.40am. If collection crews have already finished before this time, they can go home. Since Monday is the busiest collection day of the week (because of collecting Sunday’s and Monday´s waste together), the collection crews work their full hours on Mondays. On most of the other days of the week, the crews finish between 5.30-6am.

The advantages of collecting waste at night for ASCAN are that, firstly, from an operational perspective, there is not much traffic on the roads, hence making the waste collection service productive. Secondly, with having the trucks parked in the depot during the working day, ASCAN´S workshop staff have time to wash, service and grease the new vehicles.

ASCAN´S collection vehicles working across Adeje collect one/two loads of waste a night which is delivered to the Arona waste transfer plant (PT-3) at Malpasso. This is owned by the Cabildo de Tenerife and is operated by PIRS Vertresa U.T.E. Adeje´s vehicles deliver waste to the plant between 3-6am. The waste is compressed into hermetically sealed roll-on-off containers and transported to the Arico environmental complex for treatment.

Adeje Limpio (ASCAN-TORRABONAF U.T.E. ADEJE), provides a sustainable waste collection system to tourists and residents across Adeje. This has been reinforced by the purchase of the eleven new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba Spain, which will help to continue a very efficient waste collection service across Adeje for many years to come.

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