Human resources

Show you mean business on safety

The perception of the waste industry is extremely varied. For some it carries the stigmas of the past as being a grubby and basic industry that hauls away waste to holes in the ground.

Times are changing for Dr Adam Read

Each month, Dr Adam Read, Practice Director for Resource Efficiency & Waste Management at Ricardo Energy & Environment discusses the big issues from his point of view, and this month reflects on his impending change of employment and what he expects for both Ricardo and Suez in the coming months.

Should I stay or should I go?

With Article 50 triggered, a two-year separation process is now under way to detangle EU regulation from the UK’s. What does it mean for the European workers in the industry? Matt Clay investigates

Skills of the trade

Training and development can be a hot and even emotive topic – for individuals, employers, training providers and the policy-makers in government – and it seems to be in a constant state of flux, writes Chris James, CEO of WAMITAB

The apprenticeship levy and other issues to note this year

As well as cross-industry issues such as the apprenticeship levy, the waste management sector will be affected in 2017 by other matters, from waste crime to confusion over waste laws in the midst of Brexit, explains Chris James, chief executive officer of the Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board (WAMITAB)

The Apprenticeship Levy: the story continues

Information about the Apprenticeship Levy is being published in a series of instalments, much like a TV box set though perhaps with a little less excitement but still plenty to exercise the brain, writes Chris James, chief executive officer at WAMITAB.

Sustainability careers and salary survey 2016: the highlights

Prospects for the sustainability sector are perceived as strong, with a maturing of the industry and technical professionals dominating the jobs market. Miriam Heale at ALLEN & YORK summarises the highlights from their recent salary survey, published in partnership with Environment Analyst

How to avoid prosecution when making redundancies

City Link directors find themselves facing criminal prosecution following their alleged failure to notify the secretary of state of proposed redundancies. Peter Byrne at HR Legal Service looks at companies’ obligations and how they can avoid being hauled into court

Why holiday pay is so important for the recycling and waste management sector

Calculating holiday pay seems an unlikely topic for board-level discussion. However, this seemingly innocuous pay-roll task has, in recent times, been high on the list of business critical issues. This is due to a series of court decisions which, for some businesses, has resulted in potential liabilities running into millions of pounds. With its high numbers of workers, myriad shift allowances and overtime arrangements, holiday pay is of particular relevance to the recycling and waste management sector. Akshay Choudhry, an associate at law firm Burges Salmon, explains why.